The Salvage Shop is the story of three generations of a family living their lives in the fictional seaside town of Garris.

The fraught relationship of Sylvie and his son Eddie is at the centre of this drama of forgiveness and redemption. Sylvie is dying of cancer but still raging against the machinations of the local brass band committee who are seeking to oust him from his role as maestro of the band. His son, Eddie, who left the band years before, at a crucial time for its success, has never been forgiven for his betrayal.

Against this background, Eddie plods on, trying to care of his father; control the choices of his daughter just newly returned from college and keep the family salvage business going.

Eddie, now struggling with regret and guilt comes up with a scheme involving Sylvie’s idol, Pavarotti, which he thinks will make up for his desertion of the band all those years ago.

In keeping with their mutual love of music, the play is permeated by snatches of powerful operatic tunes and arias that give the work a mythic quality.

'The Salvage Shop’ is a richly-layered drama ....its content to be stored in the memory and revisited time and again to retrieve its subtle wisdom – David Nowlan, Irish Times

Nominated for the Irish Times/ESB Best New Play Award

Winner of Sunday Independent/Ford Spirit of Life Award for Play of the Year

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