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Don't Dress for Dinner

Date: 17th August 2010

Producer: Phil Fitzpatrick

Director: Anne O'Connell


In a renovated French farmhouse about a two-hour drive from Paris, Bernard is hoping to pack his wife, Jacqueline, away to her mother's for the weekend, in hopes he can romance his mistress, Suzanne, a Parisian model and actress. As an alibi, Bernard has hired a Cordon Bleu-level cook, Suzette, and invited his friend Robert to dinner.

While Bernard is upstairs, the telephone rings. Jacqueline answers; it's the Bon Appetit catering agency confirming Suzette is on her way. Then Robert calls and Jacqueline again answers. He tells Jacqueline he is spending the weekend, a fact unknown to her. As Robert and Jacqueline talk on the phone, it becomes obvious that they are having an affair.



Jacqueline tells Bernard her mother has the flu and she has cancelled their visit. Bernard panics, and when Robert arrives, he tells his friend about his affair with Suzanne. Since she is arriving at any minute, Bernard convinces Robert to tell Jacqueline that "Suzy" is his girlfriend.

While Bernard and Jacqueline are out buying groceries, Suzy arrives -- it's the caterer, not the mistress. Robert doesn't realize it and introduces Suzette as his girlfriend when Bernard and Jacqueline return. Bernard is angry because of the mix-up, and Jacqueline feels betrayed because she thought she was Robert's only mistress.

Bernard and Robert secretly talk to Suzette, and for 400 francs she agrees to play Robert's mistress. When Suzanne arrives, alerted to the fact that she's now the cook. She's outraged but Suzanne agrees to play her part. When Jacqueline confronts Robert about Suzette, he tells Jacqueline that Suzette is his niece.

Act 2 begins with Robert and Suzette in the parlor talking and they depart. Jacqueline voices her frustration of Bernard's affair, which she found out about from a note signed 'Suzy' and a receipt for a Chanel coat in Bernard's jacket pocket. The coat was a gift for Bernard's mistress. Since the coat was made out to be Suzette's Jacqueline is sure Bernard's affair is with Suzette.

Suzanne thinks so as well; she and Jacqueline exact revenge on Robert and Suzette by pouring ice on them. Suzanne was satisfied but Jacqueline sprays Bernard with a soda siphon. More hijinks are brought out and confusion about Suzette being Robert's niece is brought to light.






Bernard (Jacqueline's husband)
Jacqueline (Bernard's wife and Robert's lover)
Robert (Bernard's friend and Jacqueline's lover)
Suzette (the cook)
Suzanne (Bernard's mistress)
George (Suzette's husband)

Bernard Brendan O’Sullivan
Jacqueline Maurin Condon
Robert Owen Murray
Suzette Maria Rath
Suzanne Lauren Dwyer
George Tom Foster





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