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The cast and crew with Pauline Larney, former member of RTG and descendant of Alfred McGloughlin



Lady Windermere’s Fan, by Oscar Wilde, was first performed in 1892 in London. It is classified as a comedy of manners though there is as much drama in it as comedy, with the central theme being of how a woman can be ‘ruined’ and expelled from society.


The play concerns Lady Windermere, a ‘good woman’ with strict morals, who believes her husband is having an affair with a Mrs Erlynne, who is newly arrived in London. The confusion which arises is pure Wilde, with gossiping women, gossiping men, compromising situations and… a fan left in a Lord’s rooms and discovered by one of his gentlemen friends!!


There have been numerous productions of this popular play, on stage, radio and screen. Ernest Lubitsch directed the first (silent) movie in 1925 to great acclaim. In 2009 a version of it, set in South County Dublin, was broadcast on TV3 as Laura Windermere’s Bag. In 2018 Kathy Burke directed a production at London’s Vaudeville Theatre in which Jennifer Saunders played the Duchess of Berwick.


Wilde on the opening night of the stage production, in February 1892. afterwards addressed the audience ‘I congratulate you on the great success of your performance, which persuades me that you think almost as highly of the play as I do myself’!


The social suicide which Lady Windermere almost commits coupled with the acceptance by many of the women of her social set of the ‘infidelities’ of their husbands is typical of a society full of deceptions and hypocrisy which Wilde takes pleasure in exposing.


Directed by Anne O’Connell

Wed 9th to Sat 12th Nov

8pm €16 / €14

Special matinée on Sat 12th

3pm - all seats €14

(or €10 for groups of 10 and over)

dlr Mill Theatre Dundrum Town Centre

012969340 www.milltheatre.ie


The Cast and Crew


 From previous RTG productions of Wilde:

The Importance of Being Earnest 1996


The Wilde Night 2000

The Importance of Being Earnest 2012


‘Ireland mustn’t be such a bad place, so, if the Yanks want to come here to do their filming’ 

The Cripple of Inishmaan is set in 1934, the year a Hollywood film crew arrive on neighbouring Inishmore to film The Man of Aran. Cripple Billy, an orphan living with the local shopkeepers, spinster sisters Kate and Eileen, longs for something to happen in his narrow, restricted life. When Johnnypateenmike, brings the exciting news that the Director, ‘a Yank be the name of Robert Flaherty’ is searching for islanders to play parts in the film, Billy sees this as a chance to escape.

With a cast of eccentrics who each have their ‘endearing’ characteristics, the Cripple of Inishmaan is a darkly comic masterpiece by the multi-talented Martin McDonagh  

"The Cripple of Inishmaan may very well be McDonagh’s finest play …. one of those rare and enchanted productions that will live in the memory of all who see it for years to come" – Chicago Sun Times 

"A feckin’ fine production! ….. stellar ….. smart, witty and brutal ….." - Broadway World 

Meet the cast and director.
Back Row: Columb Casey, Eamon Cullen, Kevin Bermingham, Roy Grimson, Brian O'Connor.
Front Row: Deirdre Shanahan, Helen Cullen, Anne O'Connell, Carmel Cullen (director)

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The Inishmaan men are on their way to dlr Mill Theatre

Do you remember the ad "Tá siad ag teacht"?

Cast and crew


The Approach

Online and in person

It is a many layered play with characters presenting versions of themselves that cannot always be relied on for authenticity. Who said what when? Who was and wasn’t hurt? Who did the hurting? What is the truth, or is there any truth?


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