Juno and the Paycock by Sean O’Casey 1993

Directed by Darach Connolly

“Capt” Jack Boyle                                             Mark Connolly

Juno Boyle                                                          Carmel Cullen

Johnny Boyle                                                     John O’Reilly

Mary Boyle                                                         Barbara Kearney

“Joxer” Daly                                                       Dominick Greer

Mrs Masie Madigan                                        Phil Rochford

“Needle” Nugent                                            Michael Rochford

Mrs Tancred                                                       Una Rooney

Jerry Devine                                                      Columb Casey

Charles Bentham                                             Tom Horton

An Irregular Mobilizer                                   Martin McMahon

A Second Irregular                                          Aengus Casey

First Furniture Removal Man                      Pat Hanratty

Second Furniture Removal Man                                Neil Taylor

Coal Block Vendor                                           Aonghus Casey

Sewing Machine Man                                    Neil Taylor

A Neighbour Woman                                     Rose Timmons

Second Neighbour Woman                         Kathleen O’Reilly


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