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Auditions for The Salvage Shop.

Auditions will be held on Thursday 6th and Wednesday 12th at 8pm.

Characters are as follows:

Sylvie Tansey :

Ageing Band master and opera buff. Heavy drinker. Dying of cancer.

Acting age. 60 - 76 yrs

Eddie Tansey :. Sylvie's son. Living with guilt. Cares for his ailing father as well as rearing his daughter.

Runs the Salvage Shop. Also loves music.

Acting age :. 40 - 50 yrs.

Kate Tansey : Eddie's daughter. College student. Works part-time in Josie's Hotel.

Acting age :. 20 - 30 yrs

Stephen Kearney : Silvie's friend and band member. Also works in Salvage Shop.

Acting age:. 50 - 70 yrs.

Rita Shannan :. Eddie's girlfriend. Kind, steady and reliable.

Acting age : 40 - 50 yrs.

Josie Costello :. Wealthy business man. Owns local hotel.

Set in the fictional town of Garris. South East.

In the early 2000's.

Production details :

DLR Mill Theatre Dundrum.

Production dates :. 2nd April to 6th April.


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