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James Joyce at the Pearse Museum

Dear Friends,


It gives us great pleasure to be performing in the beautiful Edwardian surroundings of the Halla Mór in the Pearse Museum. From the day Brian Crowley asked me to direct a performance of extracts from “Dubliners”, it has been a most interesting journey from adapting, editing, re-editing and dramatising these stories to staging the production.

Members of the Group interested themselves in reading and researching James Joyce, resulting in frequent discussions (and differing opinions!) about his works, his life and his family background, before and after rehearsals. We familiarised ourselves with all the important aspects of “Dubliners” - the place, the period, the characters, costume, music and song. There was great team-work and, coupled with very hard work from a wonderful Cast and Crew, it became almost like “our project”.

I would like to express our deep gratitude to Brian Crowley and the Staff of The Pearse Museum and The Office of Public Works for all their help and support and for facilitating us in every possible way during rehearsals.

We hope you all enjoyed the performance.

Phil Fitzpatrick, Director


The Dublin of “Dubliners” is also Pearse’s Dublin. Pearse would have been intimately familiar with the world Joyce describes in his stories. In fact, both men were contemporaries at University College, Dublin at the turn of the 20th Century. Joyce even attended some of the Irish language classes Pearse gave there. However, he gave up the class with the intention of studying Norwegian and gaining a greater insight into the writings of Ibsen.

Brian Crowley, Manager of The Pearse Museum



Extracts from Dubliners


Description   Extracts from Dubliners were performed by The Rathfarnham Theatre Group in the beautiful Edwardian surroundings of the Halla Mór in the Pearse Museum. Music and song, prose and drama.


The Sisters 


The Mother

The Dead Part 1

The Dead Part 2


Sat, 28 and Sun, 29 April 2012

Pearse Museum, St. Enda's Park, Grange Road, Rathfarnham. (map)



Mezzo Soprano

Imelda Chawke


Eamon Murphy


Michael Kelly



Young Man/ Narrator

Tom Foster


Maureen Roche


Catherine Molloy


Siobhan Chambers


"EVELINE” (Monologue)


Maria Rath


“A MOTHER” (Reading)


Darach Connolly



Aunt Kate

Sheila O’Kelly

Aunt Julia

Bernie O’Beirne


Aoibheann Reddy


Mark Shinnick


Eleanor Chambers

Miss Furlong

Teresa McManamon

Mr. Browne

Noel Young

Miss Power

Imelda Chawke

Freddy Malins

Pat Hanratty

Mary Jane

Audrey McLoughlin

Molly Ivors

Maria Rath

Bartell D’arcy

Eamonn Murphy


Director & Producer

Phil Fitzpatrick

Stage Management

Carl Lusby

Catherine Molloy

Costume Design & Wardrobe

Imelda Chawke


Catherine Molloy

Dance Coordinator

Teresa McManamon

Lighting Design

Noel Young


Brian O’Connor


Fiona Williams

Special thanks to Brian Crowley and the Staff of the Pearse Museum, St. Endas, Rathfarnham. The Office of Public Works.



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